Help Your Children Learn the Value of the Sea


The ocean is a fascinating place, and there is still a lot to be learned from it. Children are captivated by the mysterious nature of the sea, and sea creatures are just as popular as dinosaurs. This genuine interest is an excellent opportunity for parents to encourage even more profound study. Hopefully, this generation will do a better job of protecting the environment and living in harmony with all the life that shares the planet. The ocean is a great teaching tool about life, and science, and living responsibly. Here are some activities that can help you take your child’s natural interest to higher levels of learning.

  • Snorkelling: It is an incredible experience to put your head below the water and see a whole new world. Snorkelling is a popular pastime for people of all ages. If you take your time and look around, you will be amazed at the variety of life and how brave the little creatures are. There are also places where you can get in the water with larger animals like dolphins. In Narooma, seal swimming is a safe way to interact with an intelligent species from a different world.
  • Beach Walks: Aside from being good for your soul, a walk along the beach can be a great time to teach about the ocean. There are always signs of animal life, and if you pick certain areas, tide pools are like a free trip to the aquarium. Every kid loves to watch the bizarre and colourful life forms that can be found there. This is an opportunity to show how marine creatures interact and survive.
  • Public Venues: Not everybody can get to the ocean, of course. But there are still ways to bring the wonder of the deep to your children. It is possible to get close to marine life at any of the excellent public aquariums. These facilities do an excellent job of bringing people close to some of the world’s most exotic creatures. And they do so with high educational content.
  • Ocean Documentaries: Even from your home, you can provide an outstanding marine education by watching some of the many excellent documentaries that have been created. These shows teach and thrill simultaneously, and they are a better use of time than social media.

The ocean is becoming more and more critical to humanity. As resources are used up, we will be turning to the sea for survival. But we won’t get far without respect for the life already there. Impressing your kids with the value of ocean life is one way to promote a better future for all.

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